Personal Protection & Investigative Services






Personal Protection Services

We protect more than you...

It may be you, your client, your family, your employees, or your business.

We protect more than your life...

It may be your health, your safety, your assets, or your reputation.

We protect more ways than most…

Our protection team will custom design your personal security detail to meet the unique needs of the engagement. We carefully select the protection specialist based on tactical skills, training, prior experience, and gender while determining the physical placement, transportation and coverage ratios.

We protect more times with less notice…

Personal protection needs often arise without notice and without warning. Our extensive and advanced planning permits us to provide highly trained specialists with minimal notice when necessary. Usually, we can respond to your situation within the same day if not within hours.

We protect more clients because of our reputation…

A significant portion of our business derives from professional referrals from previous clients. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and reliability. Our strict adherence to confidentiality gains us the trust of our clients and those who subcontract services to our agency.


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